Bayfield Farm offers two types of boarding to suit the needs of you and your horse!

 Stall Board Includes:

  • One 12×12 Stall with shavings over matting
  • Twice daily Grain and Hay
  • 24/7¬† Access to fresh water
  • Daily Stall Cleaning
  • Daily turnout to pasture
  • Any supplements¬†

Cost $500/month

Pasture Board Includes:

  • Pasture with companion horse/horses
  • Shelter Access
  • Twice daily Grain
  • 24/7 Access to fresh water
  • 24/7 Access to fresh grass and/or hay
  • Any supplements

Cost $380/month

All horses are provided weekly farrier services and veterinary services as needed. Worming is performed quarterly, vaccines provided twice yearly, and coggins testing performed yearly.

Both Pasture and Stall boarding include access to a lighted riding ring, roundpen, wash room as well as trail access and tack storage.

We also provide hair clipping and sheath cleaning services for your horse at an additional charge!

*Prices are subject to change.

**You will be billed monthly to your address. Payments can be made by check ($25 charge for returned checks) or cash. Payments can be mailed or dropped off at: Bayfield Farm 6025 State Hwy 96, Oxford, NC 27565

***For overdue balances an 18% APR will be applied at the next billing cycle.

We are updating our forms! Please call Kevin Gilliam at (919) 691-2569 for any questions!