Bayfield Farm offers two types of boarding to suit the needs of you and your horse!

 Stall Includes:

  • One 12×12 stall
  • Shavings over matting
  • Twice daily Grain and Hay
  • Daily Cleaning
  • Turnout to pasture
  • Any supplements

Cost $500/month

8asture Includes:

  • Shelter
  • Pasture with companion horse/horses
  • Same feed as Stall Boarding


Cost $380/month

Both Pasture and stall boarding include access to a wash room as well as tack storage

*Prices are subject to change.

**You will be billed monthly to your address. Payments can be made by check ($25 charge for returned checks) or cash. Payments can be mailed or dropped off at: Bayfield Farm 6025 State Hwy 96, Oxford, NC 27565

***For overdue balances an 18% APR will be applied at the next billing cycle.

We are updating our forms! Please call Kevin Gilliam at (919) 691-2569 for any questions!